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This is @FireBomb93 's questions, which I think are lovely and really inspiring. They made me think a lot.

❥ Where were you on 31.12.2016? Do you remember the feelings and thoughts you had back then?

31.12.2016, 2016's last day. I was with my family and friends, we were celebrating the year that was going to come. I wasn't feeling really good because I knew that 2016 had been a shitty year and that I accomplished nothing of good.

❥ What has changed in your life since the last day of 2016? How are you different today?

i'm different in every way, the big difference is probably what I look like - way better than last year for s u r e - and how happy i am. I now am more happy, obviously i still have my ups and downs but... that's life, i guess.

❥ What were your plans for 2017? Have you finished your goals and plans for 2017?

my biggest plan was losing weight and I did it, i didn't lose all of the weight that i wanted to, i don't have abs but i am better than i was.

❥ Pick the best month of 2017 and share with us. Why was that month special for you?

June. School had just ended and I passed with full grades. I went to London and I met a lot of new people and I was really happy.

❥ Choose the day of this year that you will never forget and tell us why.

it was the Saturday before the first day of school I met my favourite author Jennifer Niven and it was amazing!!
books, fandom, and happy image book, all the bright places, and jennifer niven image

❥ What was the most difficult period of 2017 for you? Why?

the last days of school were a mess. I had just broken up with an important person and i was studying like crazy.

❥ Pick three persons who have changed you in 2017 and describe the impact they had on you.

my best friend, she opened my eyes
a guy that now hates me, he says i broke his heart
my Italian teacher, he helped me to believe in myself

❥ Have you lost anyone in 2017? How are you feeling today?

i have lost a lot of people in 2017 but it made me learn that people leave, that people were not made to stay and that forgetting is NOT the right answer to anything

❥ Describe the best trip you had this year. Where were you, what made that trip special?

going to London was amazing. I met a lot of people that i talk with to this day and it was so lovely. I learnt about different cultures and i improved my english so much.

❥ Did you do or experience something for the first time in 2017? What was it?

i made my friends read for the first time a story of mine. It was really awkward but they liked it!!

❥ What's the best thing that you did in this year?

talking again with a friend that was checked in a hospital because she was anorexic and helping her with her recovery

❥ Choose one quote and one song that best describe your 2017.

this is a hard one...
quotes, colors, and all the bright places image
this is a quote from All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I told this to a really special person.

❥ What do you want to achieve/feel/experience before 2018 comes?

i hope i can pass my greek and latin exams lol

❥ How will you make those 55 days the best that you can? Make a short plan.

studying studying studying and reading a lot of books sounds like a good plan to me!! I also want to re watch stranger things and to buy my sister the Harry Potter books illustrated edition for christmas.

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