Will you let her out?
Hmmmmm... will you wait a bitter longer?
Yes, its bitterness is what
will suffocate you...
She knows every breath you take and she picks a flower with her fingers, whispers slightly ,a slowly prayer, she says thankyou for being here, and she blesses all her souls and screams from joy
She lets.
The hurtings
She throws away
the darkness
SHe prays thank you! For the Lord
for the flowers.
So much joy"
Oh there is pain that will free you,
listen to the sound of hell, as it will heal you
Let it it, love yourself immensly
that, the power? Of this life? Oh, it's about the time,
to come close, to listen to her sigh
reach for her hand
and gift her your smile-
are so beautiful
World knows your charm
Water is making storms
just to hug you
as you would be her dear child
Air is flowing breezes
just so you can feel at calm,
the sun is hiding in your eyes, my dear.

but She will heal me
with the SUN's shine
Oh my love,
the breeze will sing me lullaby, and I will hold my head up high until I reach the gleam of sky
oh how, my own dearings, could I break so. bad. That nothing can't compare to that.

You shine, dear love, your love is what will free your heart.