Well, well !

I know I shouldn't start this #30DayChannelChallenge (by the lovely @alana_mae_m) that late, but I just found out about it, so please, excuse me for skipping the first five days ! ;)

So, for this day, I chose the Channel "Fashion".

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These are some of the looks you can catch in my Fashion collection

Fashion is something really special to me, not only because I wanna work on this industry, but also because I have a deep relationship with clothes. Clothes, outfits and accessories are what make me as a person (as an addition to my taste and thoughts).
Clothes make me feel stronger, powerful. They have this thing that, when I wear something I like, something I'm comfortable in, I will feel much better than if I was in another outfit.
And I think that it's incredible how clothes can change you. From the day you'll start wearing what you like and what you want, life will be better, honey.

That was my little message for this challenge, hope you liked it and big Kisses.