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No matter where I go on holiday, my heart always comes back to Cornwall, it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. I’ve been lucky enough to visit places from Singapore to Puerto Pollensa in Spain, and these places are truly gorgeous. Sadly, nothing compares to the picturesque towns and streets in Cornwall.


If you love the hustle and bustle of the streets in London then this probably isn’t the best place to go. The winding streets and plenty of steep slopes make for quite a challenging walk, depending on where you go. I would strongly advise avoiding driving the small streets in Cornwall, not only are they so tiny that maneuverer is difficult, you don’t want to miss out on the tiny independent shops and eateries.


If you go down to Cornwall and don’t eat at least one Traditional Cornish Pasty then you’re doing it wrong. They come in so many different flavours now that everyone can be satisfied by them. On my most recent trip, I pretty much only ate Vegetarian Pasty’s if I had one, and they were absolutely lovely and very well-seasoned. (I believe my favourite was chickpea and basil, which tasted like a vegetarian tikka.) Also, the pastries are amazing, everywhere you go you can smell freshly baked croissants, I know they won’t compare to France, but they’re pretty darn good.


If you’ve seen my old post about Polperro then you already know how much I love the very picturesque fishing village. There is only one car park in the tiny village, which is right at the top and honestly, this means you get so many distractions of tiny shops (they have a store that is 24/7 a Christmas store, it’s great!).


This little place has a whole lot of history, the most recent being absolutely devastating. During the floods of Cornwall in 2004, the tiny Museum was flooded and quite a few of the exhibits were ruined, but many were saved due to the fast actions of the owner and employees. This place is the best museum of it’s kind and has the most extensive collections, ranging from the downright creepy to the utterly bizarre. The Witchcraft culture is quite a large part of Cornwall’s history so it’s well worth a visit.


You will never find a cream tea quite as enjoyable as in Cornwall, they may look good elsewhere but you can’t beat a freshly baked scone with strawberry jam and cream. If you’re going to enjoy it though, make sure you enjoy the Cornish way. The Jam going on the scone first, as the Cornish are so proud of their Clotted Cream that they don’t want to hide it under the jam.


Whilst the centre of the towns and villages can be extremely busy places in the height of the season you just have to go on a walk about 15 minutes from any town. (Coastal walks are stunning.) You can find a pocket of almost silence, where the only thing you can hear is the sound of animals enjoying their lives.


The beautiful thing about Cornwall is the fact that they have so many stand-alone stores. When my family and I visit Cornwall we always try to support the local stores, however expensive they may be, because most of the business owners have run these stores their whole lives and it is quite literally a way of life for them. Luckily, large stores like Tesco and Morrisons are quite a way from the picturesque places so often, if you want to go to them, you’d need to travel for about 30 minutes just to get there.


Now, some people absolutely hate the journey to and from a place, but I find it quite peaceful. I know I’m going to a place I absolutely love, so the journey down there is the start of my holiday as well.


Some of the kindest and loveliest people I have met are from Cornwall. You can be on a walk from one town to the next which will usually take about 3 hours, depending on the town. People will actively say hello to you and some even start conversations. They warn you about muddy trails and aren’t just out to help themselves, it’s a refreshing break from the city.


I have recently gotten way more into my photography, especially after buying my first DSLR, of which I absolutely adore. Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places, even in the rain and rubbish weather, the photography opportunities are second to none. A really good place to visit if you want to explore photography.

If I were to keep on telling you about the lovely places you can see and visit in Cornwall, the list would never end. If you are ever able to get down to the gorgeous place I really suggest checking it out, there are gorgeous holiday cottages and stunning views so even if you’re going just for photography it’s worth a look.