hey peeps! it’s @thotsrus here again with another lil article!
today i decided, “why don’t i promote my up and coming brand on weheartit through articles?” so here i am today!

now i actually created this whole entire brand in a day. i had a vision and i wanted it to be made. for those of you that don’t know much about me im a sophomore in highschool and i have interests in science but also marketing. so lemme just stop blabbering and tell you all about my shop.


the name of my shop is MAGICLY MELANIN & i purposely spelt magically wrong because i wanted it to be unique and have people question whether it was spelled right or wrong.

i came up with the name because melanin is magic and beautiful. you should love your melanin. no matter if you’re more fair skinned, caramel colored, brownskin, etc, you should love the skin you’re in.

right now especially it’s hard for girls (younger and even some older) to feel accepted due to their color. i remember for the longest i didn’t like my skin color. i went to a majority Caucasian school when i was younger and i got made fun of for wearing two Afro puffs. after that i never wanted to wear em again. now i am sooo so comfortable with my skin and i wish i were darker. we come in so many shades and this isn’t just for “black girls.” if you have melanin then you can flaunt my shirt, if you like the shirt you can flaunt the shirt, GUYS can even flaunt the shirt because i made some for guys already!

i’m just really excited to see how far this will go and i actually need all the support i can get.

the easy part is creating the business and the products. the hard part is getting yourself and your products out there. so without further ado, i would love it if you could follow me on my social media :

instagram: @magiclymelanin
twitter: @magiclymelanin
pinterest: @magiclymelanin

and if you would like to see the shirts check out my website! :

www.magiclymelanin.bigcartel.com 💛

THANK YOU! hope to see you shop with us! there’s so many new products that will be in store and i can’t wait. i may also have an affiliate program which is sort of like for promoters so definitely make sure you stay tuned!