I'm a pretty big fan of music. I listen to it on the bus, when I'm drawing, when I'm playing video games, even when I'm just sitting in my room contemplating life. People tend to comment on how I'm always wearing my headphones, even going as far as to say I'm practically attached to them. I know this is a cliche thing to say, but music is my escape from reality.

And, by not-so-popular demand, I'll be gushing about some underrated musical artists that I love today.

1. Johnny Hollow

Johnny Hollow is a Canadian steampunk/dark wave band consisting of Janine White (vocals), Vincent Marcone (synthesizers, vocals), Kitty Thompson (cello), and Steve Hiehn (guitar). They have been active since about 2001 and have even done the soundtrack for a film, "The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow".
I've always been into gothic themes, which is part of the reason I love this band so much. But the main reason why I love this band is how beautifully orchestrated their songs are. They manage to create an eerie atmosphere almost effortlessly, with a haunting cello, creepy synthesizers, and dark, poetic lyrics sung by two amazing vocalists whose voices are like velvet on the ears. They've done some pretty impressive covers too. Their covers of "People Are Strange", originally by The Doors, and "Temple of Love", originally by the Sisters of Mercy, are definitely worth mentions. But their best original songs, in my opinion, have to be "Devil's Night" and "Gone".
In short, these guys are incredibly talented, and you should definitely check them out when you get the chance.

2. Machinae Supremacy

Now I'm going a bit, and I mean just a bit, more into the mainstream with this one, but this band's still relatively obscure, so I'll put it on here anyway.
Machinae Supremacy is honestly its own thing. It's a mix of power metal, alternative rock, and chiptunes. It's so unique it's hard to put it into a specific genre, but I'm just going to generalize it as metal for now. They're a Swedish band, currently consisting of Robert Stjärnström, Jonas Rörling, Andreas Gerdin, Niklas Karvonen, and Tomi Luoma. Like Johnny Hollow, they have also done a soundtrack, this time for a video game called Jets'n'Guns. They do all the synthesizer work on a SID chip on the Commodore 64.
What really sticks out to me about this band is its uniqueness. Personally, I find that a lot of metal bands, while I like them, are afraid to break new ground. Machinae Supremacy aren't afraid to be themselves and be original, and I like that about them. Plus, their music is JAMMING! They've got some pretty epic guitar solos.
My personal favorite songs by them are "Rise of a Digital Nation" and "Ninja".

3. Trobar de Morte

Now this one's a bit different from the previous two in terms of genre. Contrasting with the steampunk feel of Johnny Hollow and the retro-gamer feel of Machinae Supremacy, we have Spanish pagan folk/dark wave band Trobar de Morte.
I honestly don't know very much about this band, since I can't really find any information on them in English, and my Spanish is a bit rusty, but what I do know is that they come from Barcelona, Spain and have been active since about 1999. Their current members are Lady Morte, Armande, Daimoniel, Sined Zulim, Arsenath, and Üri Bokskog. Each member plays more than one instrument.
What I love about this band is the mystical feel I get when I'm listening to their songs, which fit perfectly in a fantasy world. Speaking of fantasy worlds, I listened to them throughout the entire time I played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Specifically, the song, "The Wolf". I feel like it just fit in perfectly with the game's story.
My favorite songs by them are "The Wolf", like I mentioned above, and "Yggdrasil".