Hello, hearters ♡❤♡

We only have 55 days before 2018 kicks in. It's time to reflect on this year and to make plans how you can use those 55 in the best way.

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That's why I am starting this challenge with the survey you can complete after you read this article. Write your own and spread the word, let everyone contemplate on their year and make some resolutions for two last months of 2017.

Here they are. :)

❥ Where were you on 31.12.2016? Do you remember the feelings and thoughts you had back then?

❥ What has changed in your life since the last day of 2016? How are you different today?

❥ What were your plans for 2017? Have you finished your goals and plans for 2017?

❥ Pick the best month of 2017 and share with us. Why was that month special for you?

❥ Choose the day of this year that you will never forget and tell us why.

❥ What was the most difficult period of 2017 for you? Why?

❥ Pick three persons who have changed you in 2017 and describe the impact they had on you.

❥ Have you lost anyone in 2017? How are you feeling today?

❥ Describe the best trip you had this year. Where were you, what made that trip special?

❥ Did you do or experience something for the first time in 2017? What was it?

❥ What's the best thing that you did in this year?

❥ Choose one quote and one song that best describe your 2017.

❥ What do you want to achieve/feel/experience before 2018 comes?

❥ How will you make those 55 days the best that you can? Make a short plan.

This is it, guys and gals. I really hope that these questions will make some kind of change for you and that they will make you think and use the rest of 2017. That's my only goal.

Good luck❣