The 90's are a huge icon, and they are back in the fashion industry, below are some inspirations for you to get rocking your new outfit ;)

outfits 1 - 4

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All the colors of these outfits can be switched or replaced. Turtlenecks are great during the cool weather. Pair your mom jeans with a black belt or roll up your jeans a few times to give it that chic look!

outfits 5 - 8

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pullovers go with almost everything, you can wear them oversized, with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings. If it's not too chilly outside, match them with a cute skirt and monochrome sneakers or boots.

outftis 9 - 12

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although it's a cold season, these outfits make you have a extra touch of class. Wide pants and tucking in shirts can make you have a sophisticated vibe. A button down shirt can not only make you look classy, it also leaves a clean vibe - that is of course if you don't spill anything on it.