Hello hearters! :)

Today I want to share with you some of my past thoughts about social media.
It was a year ago when I started thinking this way. Social media and internet in general have a lot of benefits and good sides. We can read about everything, anytime, anywhere. We have all informations on our hand, either for school homework, or just stuff we're interested in, or music, etc.. But also there are some ways you can use it wrong.

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Today I will write mostly about Instagram. I think that lof of young people (mostly girls) are rating their beauty by amount of likes or views. They think they should look, dress, speak or act certain way to be beautiful, which is not good. That's how you can see a lot of "clons" walking down the city. They are all dressed the same, have same haircut and same make up style. We're forgetting that we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

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A year ago, I started to see all the bloggers I used to follow were all the same way, all of them has pretty much same photos just in different cities and interiors. Then I catched myself how I am thinking "Why I don't have all that clothes?", "Why I can't travel that much?", "Why I don't have that much followers?"..... That was the moment when I saw it affects me in negative way about myself. So I stopped posting my photos. I had more than 200 photos shared, and I deleted most of them.

That period lasted about three months. I tried to scroll on instagram only once a day. Before that, I spent all my free time on it. It was the first thing which I did in the morning, I'd scroll through my feed for an hour. I wasn't productive at all. It has all depressing me. Than I started to realize how people which I know in personal are pretending there something they are not. So I started to think "What if everything about that photos is fake?" I decided that one social platform is not worth for me to think that I am not good enough if I don't get big amout of likes, or a lot of followers. So a few days after New year 2017 I deleted it. Not just deactivate, but deleted it. So I am sure that I won't be back.

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Now I have more free time do accoplish what I want. I am not wasting time looking what other people are doing. I saw only positive feedback on my mood and how I feel about myself, so I decided also to spend less time on facebook too. We heart it is now the only platform which I check regularly every day, because everything here is positive, quotes, articles and vibes in general.

So, girls please, don't be sad or depress yourself because you don't look "the way you supposed to look". You are beautiful just the way you are. Don't look for aproovement of others. Don't judge yourself by amout of likes or followers, or think you will worth mor if you are famous or any social network.
Be kind, stay humble. Do your own thing and work hard to accomplish your dreams. It will all be worth it in the end :)
If you want to talk, feel free to message me. :)

Until the next time,
Fireproof soul xx