Just so you know

This article will not contain any spicy details. Unless we're talking about food. Cause I'll get on that later on. 😉

Before moving in

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Think about it carefully.
It will be huge.
If you're not ready to make the step, then don't. Make sure it is also you who truly wants it, not only your partner.

Life in two
I've been living with my boyfriend for about two years. Here's what I've learned:

No matter how long your relationship has been, once you move in, you'll discover a lot of things you did not know about your partner like habits or reactions in various situations.

A lot of responsibilities will appear:

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You'll need a job.
You'll have bills to pay.
You'll spend more time on tidying.
You'll have to learn how to cook. Or at least try, like in my case. 😂

I personally don't enjoy spending too much time in the kitchen so I'm always searching for easy-to-make recipes:

😋 Salads (so many options to choose from)
😋 Chicken & mashed potatoes
😋 Grilled fish & Vegetables
😋 Fish & Chips
😋 Pasta
😋 Mexican food (Chicken Quesadilla is my fave)

Now let's move on to the best parts

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If you're with the right person, moving in will be your constant reason to smile. No matter how hard your day is, his/her hug will instantly improve your mood.
It feels great having someone to share your worries and fears with. Make plans together and fight for your dreams.
It feels even better when your loved one encourages you when you feel down.

If you ask me, life in two is magical, fun and cozy.
I found support, trust, love.

Important note

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Even if life is about the two of you now, I honestly believe you should also reserve some time for yourself.
Me and my boyfriend bingewatch tv series together, go shopping together, go on trips together but we also have individual hobbies.
He plays video games and watches some tv series I'm not into and I write and draw and read and watch youtube. ^^

I hope you found this helpful