I've been wanting to talk about this body confidence movement for a while and the time has finally come to open a few eyes and ears.


I am so sick of seeing images like this:

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There is nothing positive about manipulating a woman into thinking she's healthy when she's clearly not. I can't believe I even have to explain this but my best friend feminism just loves to make life so difficult.

Now, I do believe in having confidence and loving yourself but I draw the line at some point and that point happens to be when you start to tip the scales on the heavier side, that's when its time for a reality check not an unhealthy dose of denial.

Allowing a woman's denial to be manifested into an acceptance of an unhealthy lifestyle is in no way positive. That's why I find the movement so ironic.

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Uncless you're fat, overweight, obese and you're clearly living an unhealthy lifestyle in which case it's time for a change

I hate doing disclaimers but it is what it is.

A lot of you are probably thinking 'its easy for this skinny bitch to call me fat' or 'just because you're skinny doesn't mean you're healthy' or 'doesn't she understand that this entire movement is about encouraging women to be happy in their own skin'.

- A small percentage of skinny women are unhealthy and a small percentage of fat women are healthy.
- I understand being comfortable in your own body but what if your body is hurting you - what if your body is the reason you have no energy, you find it hard to breathe, you find it difficult to run or jog, you keep thinking that your clothes have shrunk - do you keep loving your body even though you're clearly unhappy.

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No I'm not skinny, I'm fat/overweight/heavy, whatever you want to call it but a while ago I decided to make a change and start eating healthier, squeeze some exercise into my day and it was the best decision I ever made.

I've lost about 35lbs/15kg and will hopefully keep going till I reach my set goal but for the longest time I thought I loved my body, I thought I was healthy, I thought I was comfortable in my own skin.

That's because I was seeing women who look like me on billboard ads, in commercials, in magazine spreads, on social media and they were all telling me 'all bodies are beautiful' so I thought why do I keep worrying about my weight, I'm beautiful the way I am.

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But who was I kidding, even though I could lie to the people around me, I sure as hell couldn't lie to myself - I was miserable.

Just sitting and standing felt like exercise, I had chest pains, I had shortness of breath, my mood fluctuated frequently and shopping became a depressing pastime - I absolutely adore fashion and I know I have amazing taste but I could never wear what I truly wanted to wear and even if I could it didn't look good in my size and God knows how much I hated always having to purchase plus-size everything.

At that time I thought it was such a good idea that the market was able to cater to its 'heavier woman' demographic by introducing so many plus-size options but in a way I think it made us comfortable with being fat/overweight/obese, knowing that we always had somewhere to go when it came to fashion, no matter what size we were.

I finally decided to tune everything out. I was getting confused. Women were encouraging me to love my body in the name of body positivity and yet I felt and looked miserable.

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In most cases - YOU BET YOUR ASS IT DOES. Telling a woman she's healthy when she's not, now that's negative.

I stepped on the scale and there was no amount of lies that anyone could feed me that would change that number - unless I changed it myself.

Then I looked in the mirror. Another great friend when it comes to reality checks. And I didn't like what I saw but I realised if I didn't like it then I should do something about it...so I did.

I know that mirrors and numbers aren't everything but you know that saying 'when you look good, you feel good' - that still stands.

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I agreed with you until you got to fat because there is nothing cute about living an unhealthy lifestyle and having a food addiction that can lead to depression and death.


Being healthy internally and externally matters.

This bizarre movement/trend is teaching women to embrace OBESITY - how the fuck is that empowering? Teaching women to embrace an addiction that could literally kill them is not what I had in mind when I read a banner like 'body positivity'.

Believe me there is nothing cute about having a compromised immune system - been there, done that, it isn't pretty. Things like food and alcohol can kill you if you abuse them.

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I've still got a long way to go but I already feel healthier and happier - the first step is being honest with yourself.

It's ironic how fat/overweight women feel that fat-shaming is wrong yet they waist no time when it comes to calling slim healthy women 'skinny bitches' - loving that female empowerment, thanks a lot feminism.

Glamorising cellulite and stretch marks and emphasising that it's all part of being a real woman - excuse me, but no.

Stretch marks become a frequent visitor during puberty but they become even more frequent with increasing weight gain. With cellulite, the puckering of skin happens when the layer of fat beneath the skin pushes against connective tissue and bulges, causing the cottage cheese appearance. The best way to avoid it is with a healthy diet.

Stop using them as an argument to manipulate women into persisting with their unhealthy lifestyle. Of course some people have them even when they're in good shape but usually one would like to avoid or be rid of them not increase them.

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Trust me I know first hand it's not easy making the transition from unhealthy to healthy but in the end it's worth it.

I don't support a movement that encourages, embraces and glamorises irresponsible lifestyle choices.

If we truly wanted to support each other, we would stop feeding each other these lies and tell each other the truth.

Until next time.