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How's your day going? Really cute and peaceful, I hope so!♥

So, today I want to share with you some of the goals than I have to 2018! I think we will felt more motivate to achieve our goals if we share them with other people! Friends, family, even in this amazing social media with so much lovely people! I'm sure than all of us we will help each other to achieve that what we want!

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I.- Be an Heartist and a Instafame to inspire people

Haha, I know this sound a little bit dumb, but, I really want to achieve this goal. It’s something personal and I want to work hard for this.

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II.- Learn new things

I want to develop new skills; learning all about Photography is on the top!

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III.- Travel, travel, travel, travel!

Oh, I loveeee travel! It’s the most amazing thing than exist! New places, new people, new culture, new everything! I want to travel so much! First, I want to travel through my country (Venezuela). Here is full of amazing places to visit! Then, I want to travel the world, haha♥

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Travel is love, travel is life♥

IV.- Be a better version of myself

I want to be more kind, more grateful, more healthy, more me. I want to make a difference, you know? Show others that we can do so much more than exist, that we can make a better world if we start with ourselves.

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V.- Do what I really, really love

See, I was studying Mechanical Engineering . I really liked, but I was no happy. So, a month ago, I left the career. It was so hard, really hard. In other article, when I feel ready, I will tell you the entire story, haha♥

Based on this, I want to study something that really makes me happy. Languages, of course! In 2018, I’m going to start studying languages. It’s something than I can do with passion, with love and effort.

I speak Spanish and a little bit of English. I want to speak fluent and learn new ones. Italian, French, Portugues, Norsk, German and so much more!

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Speak in another language is just the best feeling ever!

So, that’s it for today, Hearters! If you want to share your goals, don’t forget to tag me, I would loveeeeeeeee to read all your awesome goals and support you to achieve all of them!

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So much love from here, lovely hearter.
XOXO, Ragí♥