Things that helped me with my anxiety in October 2017

1.Harry Styles. I really love that man, I bought another ring because of his aesthetic. I'm currently wearing four, I need one more. Maybe two, because one is "gold" but I'd prefer all silver. Aesthetics aside, he's such a model human being and I'd like to be like him. "Treat people with kindness"

2.Nutcracker rehearsals. I'm so excited to perform, I'm in the party scene, Snow, and I'm the Spice solo.

3.My friend K. I love her with all my heart.

4.Planning my dorm room. I'm so excited to have a cute, art hoe, yet kinda kooky, dorm room. Hope my roommate doesn't mind me not matching her.

5.Homecoming!! hoco is so much fun, it's one of the best weeks of the year. I went to color wars, the game, and the Halloween dance. I did pj day, teacher switched with my old bio teacher, groutfit day, throwback thursday (I did the 1940s), and spirit day.

6.A really good fanfic involving murder mystery, the Victorian era, and Harry Styles.

I mean, that's about it for October, because I finished applying to college two days ago, so that's November. Anyway, let me know what you guys thought