Hello, how are you today my little Parma Violets?

Getting into this here's the fifth challenge.

Day 5: What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

Right now the 5 things that are making me happy are pretty simple.

1. My cat, we just had the best cuddle ever. He stole my jumper whilst I was wearing it in this picture, it took me 10minutes to wiggle out of it and run to get me camera. Gold.

animal, ginger, and hiding image

2. My two best friends, we’re all going through a lot recently and with all that’s happening and other commitments it’s difficult to see each other a lot, so I really cherish the time that I get to spend with them although I don’t think I show it enough. We're hanging out tomorrow, I can't wait. Honestly though, my best friends are the parents (inside joke) and sisters that I never got. I love them to bits, I hope they get everything they want out of life.

friends, hair, and best friends image

(not my image)

3. The third thing is music, I’m always listening to music, it just reflects what I feel and wish to say so well. It makes me feel connected and that I’m not the only one feeling this way and knowing I’m not alone in this helps. Here's just one of the songs that I've been listening to frequently recently.

(not my video)

4. Books! What is there to really say about them? They're great and they're an amazing escape, but that's obvious nowadays. Every time I'm near a book store I can't help myself, I have to go in and take notes of all the books I desire to immerse myself in. Sadly, I'm only allowed one book a month (if I'm lucky), because as of right now I have roughly 25 unread books in my room (I'm getting there slowly). Currently, I'm reading Turtles All The Way Down By John Green.

quotes image

(not my image)

5. Lastly, the other thing that makes me happy recently is Hot Chocolate. Since it's Autumn and the colder weather is really starting to make itself known here in the UK, it gives me the excuse to nearly always have a Hot Chocolate in my hands 24/7. It's brilliant. As well as being the only Hot Beverage I like, it's also chocolate. Who can argue with that?

chocolate, marshmallow, and food image

(not my image)

Anyway, I'll write you tomorrow, thanks for reading!

Until then my little Parma Violets,
Becky xx