Places i want to visit—I hope you enjoy. I'll be making a mini travel series so expect more soon! Sorry if this is bad, it's my first article ;)

Santorini , Greece

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The view and village is so nice!

Canadian Rockies, Canada

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I really enjoy nature and it would be fun to go with friends🌿

Venice , Italy

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the colorful buildings and food is worth it✨


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the crystal blue waters and resorts make this place a dream destination.

Seoul , South Korea

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I really like Korean fashion and I also watch the youtubers q2han (bottom right) where they go around to different places in Korea which are really cool.

Santa Monica, CA

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for many years I've been wanting to go to the Santa Monica Pier 🎪

Bali , Indonesia

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this looks like a fun place to be and it'd be nice to see all the architecture :)

Paris , France

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Let me ask you a question. Why wouldn't you want to go here?

Thanks for reading! I apologize, as this is my first article and it sucks. Like I said before, I'll be making a mini travel series (maybe or maybe not mini). I'll be trying to post a lot cause I enjoy writing but it's kinda confusing. Au Revoir!