Hello there! :)

I am yellowlust. I started WeHeartIt when 3 years ago but I started uploading pictures 2 years ago. I'm only 16 years old.

This is a story of how and why I started WeHeartIt

Dear, @HeyMyNameIsYasmin

When I started, I can say I was addicted to WHI at first and I would heart many pictures I like in one day. But then one day, I clicked on someones profile ( because he/shes picture got many hearts). I was kinda amazed on how many followers he/she has. I was like 'woah' (so many times) so I decided to follow few people that has many followers (like 1000+ followers)

To be honest, after that I was inspired to at least have 50 followers.
So, I posted some pictures that I found online. At first, I got a few hearts (around 10 or so which is sad) but after a few pics I got many 100+ hearts and some followers too. Which makes me reaally happy and motivate me to upload more.

Soon, I got 100 followers then 200, 300 and my goal was to get 1000 followers in a month ( impossible I know).

I got a few breaks from Weheartit because of school and stuff so I was inactive most of the time. But Im still really committed to WHI and active daily.

After I got 500+ followers I tend to be insecure about the pictures I uploaded and I often think if this picture will have many hearts or none at all :/. Back then I uploaded pictures because it was fun but now I treat it as a job or commitment. (idk why but its still fun)

Until this day...

when I saw this I said "why not take the risk?"

I wanted to post pictures that I like and I wanted to share them with other people. I know followers is hard to gain in a day... but I would love to not worry about the pictures I upload (but I think I still will lol) and continue to inspire people that love to look at pictures (like me)

Back then I mostly post fashion, clothings and quotes but now I want to upload varieties of other genre too. Which is why I am here right now. I want to give this a shot.

I will be delighted to be given this opportunity to be chosen as one of the 5 winners. I hope you can reconsider and pick me as one of them. It will make me the happiest person in the world!

Thank you and have a nice day! :D


Yellowlust 💛