Hi everyone ! I hope you are Ok !? Here I am for give you some advices to be a better version of you. I want to precise that I did not accomplish all of them because it's a long way. It takes time to change or improve yourself.

1/ Eat better
I know it's not easy to eat bio everyday at every meal but just try eating somme fruits in a day. I swear this new habit will make you feel better.

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2/ Sport or meditation
Physique activities are important. You don't have to run 2 km every morning, just a little 30 min of cardio or yoga will be good for your body. If the start is difficult, find something to motivate you - body transformation/ celebrities/etc. ( I choose Seth Rollins <3)

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3/ Read more
Reading will improve your vocabulary and speaking skills. If you can find the good books - not easy I know - you can be inspired in your life and you may also - who knows ?- upgrade your life and your environment.

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4/ Listen music
Music can take you so far away when you feel bad or when you need motivation or inspiration. I advice you to listen a different kind of music so you can find your type in which situation.

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5/ Travel when you can
I know everyone doesn't have the money to travel or the 'permission' from the parents to leave the country but try to take any occasion to go somewhere different. With friends, family or even school ! No matter ! The most important is to visit something new and change the environnement.

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6/ Learn without limits
Knowledge is Power ! This isn't meaningless. But you have to learn what you really need. Don't waste your time with advanced math if your stuff is more psychology or sociology ... Stay focus and don't be scatter.

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7/ Social good
We don't choose our family but we DO choose our friends. Friendship is more than feelings, it's a necessary for a good psychology and physical health. You have expulse the too much drama people and inhale inspiring and motived person. You will be able to deal with your own problems and to focus on your ambitions.

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8/ Sleep enough
For me sleeping is very important. I used to have some sleeping issues. I went to bed early but couldn't sleep before 3 or 4 am and I woke up in the afternoon. It took me a long time to take better sleep habits and now I feel better. My body has more energy, my brain is more focused and now I have complete days to hustle !

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9/ Speak out
Keeping frustrating things for yourself can be dangerous. It could lead to stress, depression and anxiety. When something goes wrong just say it and try to fix it. When you have the feeling to carry the world on your shoulders, just scream and you will feel less heavy. Faking a smile is never the solution it's just a way to keep your problems away till you're alone.

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10/ Take care of yourself
Taking care of yourself in an other way than sport or good eating. You could find this stupid but just the fact to shave, scrub and hydrate your body can make you feel better. No matter if your are a woman or a man.You can go in a spa or do it at home. There is no need to spend a lot of money. Just take time to pamper you.

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Bonus tip / Be out of the marge
We are all a part of the society and people want us to be what we hate, to think and speak the way they want. I know it's easier to say it than to do it but you have to fight for what you really want. At the beginning it will be though and sometimes you will want to came back but I swear that at the end you will be proud of you.

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So here we are ! I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have some advices or else send me a card.

See you soon. Take care. Love you all.