§Listen to MHope - James Heather§
I am writing this article for myself. I don't really care if anyone reads it or not. I just want to talk about it. About this feeling he gives me. I'm not really sure how to describe it. It's like a warm but scary feeling. I don't know where I'd be without him. There's been many times I was on the verge of falling back into old habits, instead I fell onto him and he caught me. He's never let go. He's the reason I'm here today. He's the reason i will work hard to be that person he's always believed I am. I've loved myself since I've loved him. For that I will always be grateful. I fell inlove with him the first time we spoke. It felt like he just understood me, but didn't critisize me for the way I thought. I am talking to you on the phone RN while you're proving to your work friends that I'm real. I love listening to your voice. You're telling me about your shit manager and the christmas dinner at the pub you're at. I've never loved anyone half as much as I love you. The thought of you makes me happy, sad and nostalgic at the same time. This distance thing is hard but we've been doing great so far. I can't wait for what the following years are going to bring us. You are my person and my better half. I hope you never forget that. God you are so perfect in every single way. I've watched you grow into the amazing man you are today. And I just want to thank you. For everything you've done for me and for the times you've stayed by my side. This article is for you, the love of my life.