Hello! Welcome to my first article on we heart it! I hope you like it and ... let's start!

Well, I know what autumn and winter is the best time to be at home with a hot chocolate and a good series, but we also have to worry about our oufit although we are covered by a coat.

So here I bring you some ideas of clothes to have in your closet to always wear a spectacular outfit on the coldest days:


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Lace, Velvet ... there are many types to choose from and they are all very cute. Choose the one you like the most and the one you feel most comfortable with. I recommend them for a sweater.


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I accept it, it is a must for all the collections, but I had to add them, they are so beautiful and they look good with everything! Either to go to school, go sporty, meet friends, a date ... Oh, if you go shopping, do not forget to get one! It is infallible

A secret, as they look good with everything, they are also perfect for a day that you do not want to fix a lot ... shhh;)


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Hoodies Hoodies ... I really love them, they are indispensable in my week, they give you a casual look, carefree and some, "baddie" look. They are comfortable and it never hurts to have a pair in your closet.

I am over 14, I am addicted to them.


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Well, I do not have many of them but I recommend them, they are warm for a day that is very cold and when not long ago, you can wear a good sweater and not a jacket. Lindos, some elegant and very warm.


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They are beautiful, right? So feminine and elegant and fun. They give a touch of French look if you combine them well. I recommend those of Jean black, jean, skin (false, take care of animals) with some flight.

As it is cold, try to take them with veiled socks so that your legs do not get very cold. It also gives them a touch of elegance with mid-knee boots


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OH, these little ass-lifts that l
ook great, whether you have an ass or not. If you wear it with a belt, you go to slay. good luck when you find the perfect one


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Please my girls, NOT ALL ARE BLACK JEANS !! The pants are fabulous, YOU ARE FABULOUS! Slay those beautiful legs and nice butt wearing different types of pants


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Whether rock, with tacks, waterproof, warm, cute, expensive, with heels, without heels, elegant, fun. There are many types of boots! And we love them all! Jump in the puddles after the rain, have your little pieces warm in winter or give the perfect touch to your look. Use the ones you prefer, use them whenever you can, but be comfortable.

If it does not rain a lot ... SNEAKERS

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Yep Yep, they slay. Take them - Put Las- Shine Bright like a Diamond.
  Ok no, You always shine, but wow, if you know how to wear them, you'll shine more.

They are comfortable, they are cute, they give you a baddie touch and if you wear a sporty look, they are indispensable.

ACCESSORIES # scarves and hats

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If you wear one of these, you will really attract attention, because in addition, you will be very nice and cold and you will not feel it.


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Invest in a good coat these cold days. One that you like, that shelters you and that you use a lot (because it will do it). Also, it will be what you see most in your outfit

I hope you enjoyed this article, my first article in Whe Heart It. They are my indispensable in Autumn-Winter. I hope it has helped them and kisses and enjoy these beautiful cold days.

And Remember, wear what you like