hey hearters!

i personally just love books and reading. i love the smell of books, i love the stories and i absolutely love how i can get lost and have a break from everyday life.

so, here are some of my favorite books to get lost in, enjoy xx

i'll give you the sun

by jandy nelson

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please read this book it's amazing

i'll give you the sun is such a masterpiece. the extremely beautiful writing makes you fall so deeply in love with every single character.

jandy nelson has found a unique way to tell one story from two different perspectives. noah is 13 and jude is 16 as they tell their story- except that they are twins.
"love is only half the story" and i promise you everything comes perfectly together at the end.

aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

by benjamin alire sáenz

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this one's to all the boys who've had to learn to play by different rules

one of the most heartwarming books i've ever read (and trust me, i've read a lot). while reading this, you literally physically feel how your heart heals and every piece that's ever been broken comes back together into one.

it's a story about love, friendship and playing by different rules.
the book is filled with brilliant quotes and sayings.
it's only sunny days book, no rain at all.

all the bright places

by jennifer niven

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i've read it three times and i'd read it again and again till the end of the world

i consider all the bright places to be my favorite of all the books in the universe. this book has changed me and moved mountains in my soul.

unlike the previous book, all the bright places will rip your heart into million pieces, it will make you want to cry for weeks and months and years (in a really ugly crying way) but at the same time theodore finch and violet markey will be right by your side if you are feeling lonely and hopless.
their story about depression will make you wanna be the brightest place of all.

that's all for now x

love always, always

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