Have I already made a ST2 article one WHI? oops my bad well here is another! This is all about episode one, tomorrow episode two and so on! Okie so we meet Max and we found out that her name is Maxine though no one calls her that any more, we saw that will had another flashback and we know eleven (El) is still alive from the reports about some girl who is a Russian weapon they said, which people in the series think she is Russian sometimes but that is for another blog! Then i heard Barbra so i know that they haven't closed that case and still are going to try and find her when it is pretty clear Barbra isn't alive and even the cast said so. lets skip ahead and go to when Mike is putting in old toys into a box because they are selling them, when he finds something El found and used he looked over to the little fort that he made El and tries to contact her on day 352 , 7:40 p.m. but instead of contacting El he ended up getting a signal from Dustin and he was wondering what was Mike doing on that channel. So do you know why he was on that channel? let's see if the next episode says why!
come back tomorrow!