so how is it going to be?
prove that you can climb that sequoia tree.
placing your bets on the cascade of promises
that you never go to see.

use their ludic attitudes as a way of intimidation,
or succumb to the limits set by your
classmates in an act of desperation.
but then waste their bets, grabbing them by the roots,
to seal the invitation.

tell them that you are worth more than a finish line.
you are willing to swing forward and backward on every passing vine.
ignoring the excruciating pain of your lungs failing when you try to outrun your breath.
inner thoughts of giving up will be matched by a second wind.

will you stop at the middle and call it day?
or are you willing to test your limits
because you decided to stay?

are you going to let you phobias limit your worth?
or will the adrenaline of you heart
test the screams of the earth?

so what will it be?
will you let the climb frighten you,
or set you free?