Here is some of my tips to accpet and love myself. I know that is really hard especially for girls. So enjoy and tell me some of your tips.

1. Write what you like about yourself

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Realize, that everyone si different. Nobody has the same eyes, hair, body or properties as you. You are unique.

2. Write what you can do better

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Like for exemple: If you don't like your body try to find some sport that you like and do it.

3. Appearance love

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I think this is the hardest one. I know that I or any other girls want to look like girls from Victoria Secret. But it's impossible. Each has a different type of body so do what is best for your body to look great and comfortable.

4. Talk about it

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Talk to your friend, to your mum or anyone else. They can help you.

5. Positive

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It's sounds easy but it's not. Since I become be positive I feel happy about myself. Remember...when you start like yourself the other people will like you too.

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I believe in you...bye <3