Hey lovely Hearters!

I want to introduce myself to you.
My name is Larissa and this is how I 'Define myself in pictures'.

1. Style

fashion, style, and outfit image outfit, casual, and fashion image fashion and off-the-shoulder image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

2. A Color

red, aesthetic, and silk image sky, red, and alternative image red, sky, and theme image aesthetic, burgundy, and color image

3. Passions

black, deko, and silhouette image zodiac, astrology, and Libra image herzen, i like, and nähen image book, sea, and beach image

4. An Animal

animal, meerkat, and nature image Image by mattamanga Inspiring Image on We Heart It beauty, meerkat, and nature image

5. Food

food, pizza, and tomato image food, cake, and cheesecake image food, burger, and yummy image food, healthy, and tomato image

6. Lifestyle and Personality

music image girl, light, and winter image words, definition, and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

7. Dreams and Goals

Image by a n a tatoo, tattoo, and zodiac image bath image travel, map, and car image

8. Books

book reference, anna palm, and schwarzkopf&schwarzkopf image book reference, cbj, and brian selznick image three books, eva voller, and zeitenzauber image jane austen, stolz und vorurteil, and reclam image

9. Movies

midnight in paris and paris image becoming jane, jane austen, and movie image ariel, disney, and the little mermaid image couple, Dream, and lové image

10. Music

Image by just random girl the script, danny o'donoghue, and glen power image birdy image adorable, black and white, and boy image