We all have our dreams and things we want to do. We have one life so why not live it full out? Honestly, I don't know what I'm gonna work with or to live when I'm older, but I do know a couple of things I atleast want to do ♥
By having a "bucket list" you can achieve those things and also don't forget them. Here are 10 from mine;

1. Get my dream job; Found a job I love and be comfortable with the other who works there.
2. Find someone I love; Find the person I love and marry that person (Maybe my soulmate?).
3. Get 3 kids; I want to have kids, maybe adopt one of them 👩‍👧‍👧 👨‍👦
4. Own a house; I want to have my own dream house and live here w my family.
5. Buy my dream car; Maybe a Tesla, or a Ferrari.
6. Go to Los Angeles (California); I want to go to coachella w my friends and just live life. Maybe own an apartment there to go on vacay sometimes🔥
7. MEET SHAWN MENDES; omgomg I would die 😍
8. Help poor children; I want to go to a poor country and help children.
9. Go to New York; Fave city
10. Learn to enjoy life and take it as it is