"Just fight a little longer, my friend
It's all worth it in the end
But when you got nobody to turn to
Just hold on, and I'll find you
I'll find you
I'll find you
Just hold on, and I'll find you. "
-Tori kelly

Hey Beauties!

This wont be like my usual posts, its just that I have been thinking about so much the past few months so I guess ima just share a little of it.

First I wanted to honestly thank you so much for clicking on my article, and if you are someone that have read one of my articles before, thank you so much for supporting me and hearting my articles. Anyways, what I have been thinking about really often is how this world has changed drastically throughout the years. The world is literally filled with so much hate and envy that I rarely ever see love. All I see is competition, where you have to a certain image just to be accepted and its sad because I've met some of the most amazing people in the past that had later been corrupted by todays society just because they wanted to be like everyone else, they wanted to be accepted or considered "beautiful." Everything started getting so materialistic where people are literally betraying others just because of greed. Social Media has played a great role in our lives because a lot of people believe that the more followers u have determines your popularity or worth . I myself was a victim of the trap. I used to use Instagram for hours scrolling through my feed wishing that I looked a certain way just because my photos wasn't getting up to hundreds and thousands of likes like the " beautiful" people where getting. But one day I overcame from it. One night while I laying to go sleep I instantly started to feel bad because I realized that I wasn't treating myself right. I have been letting what things that was portrayed on the media take over how I feel about my self. for a month I deleted Instagram which I surprisingly succeeded in to work on myself and honestly my views about a lot of things have changed. Staying out of the drama and not looking at the negative influences everyday had really changed me for the better and hopefully this month I will plan and achieve one of my goals and do another 30 day without social media challenge again. Well if your still reading this I just wanted to say if u have been dealing with rejection and you really feel as if you want to change yourself , just know nothing in this world will make u happy except yourself. Your beautiful the way you are, no one can possibly be perfect so don't strive to be. Stop looking on what u don't have and actually look at what u do got and be very grateful because a lot of people don't have what u have. Just fight a little longer, my friend
It's all worth it in the end ♥

If your dealing with anything and it doesn't have to be what I stated in the article feel free to message me if u need someone to talk to.

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