’’These feelings are taking too much of me. I think it’s better to end it before it gets too far’’. I had more then one man say this to me. Oh, just another excuse he believes that will make me feel better because, in reality, he doesn’t like how I look or something that I do. That’s what I would say to myself when hearing those two sentences. Back then, thinking that someone doesn’t like my physical appearance felt worse than someone being afraid to love me.

Now, when I am older and I dare to say, wiser, I realize that they were saying the truth. Over years, I have seen that deep feelings make you so vulnerable and open that sometimes, you just want to stop them until they get even more of you.

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I can’t even blame those guys. Not that long ago, I was hiding behind the ‘’I don’t care about anything’’ attitude because I thought that showing the real me, would make me seem pathetic and clingy. Being cold, a player and ‘’catch me if you can’’ type of person is more appreciated in our society, especially in the dating culture.

That’s not who I am, and finally, I accept it. I care about people. Deeply. I cry like a child when I am watching movies about animals, human tragedy or lost love. Or even when I hear some old song or remember something from my childhood. And If I ever loved you, I will always love you. I am able to move on and start over, but I don’t believe that feelings can be erased that easy. Honestly, I don’t even want that. What’s the point then?

It is a cliche saying, but it is so true. Loving takes courage. A lot of courage. It means being completely naked and I don’t mean physically. You show them the deepest and the ugliest parts of you, but you also give them the best of you, knowing that tomorrow they might be gone. You invest your time, trust and let them become a big part of your life, being aware that you can end up hurt. If that ain’t courage, tell me, what is it?

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But my advice to everyone is to love without the limits, without holding back and give 100% of you. Yes, that ''forever’’ might soon turn into ''never again’’, but at least you had the courage to belong to someone, to love them and you had that great privilege of experiencing deep feelings. That’s what we live for and only cowards run away from it. Don’t be a coward! Love! Love! Love! A broken heart and sad memories are better than no memories and experiences at all. Imagine that kind of life – living like a zombie incapable of loving and being loved. Don’t be that kind of a person. What will you have in the end? No scratch on your heart, no tears, no fears? But isn’t that a part of our life? Isn’t that the essential part of being human? Being human means experiencing the deepest pain, crying until no tears are left, having love and losing it. If you run away from it because that way you are playing it safe, then, in the end, you will be just a living chamber of emptiness. You won’t have any story to tell. You will end up with a wasted youth, wasted opportunities, wasted loves. If you cut that relationship right now because you are too afraid to put up a fight and because you are too scared of how it might end, then you might lose the love of your life. Yes, it’s a risk, but isn’t it worse not to play at all? No play, no gain! You will be left with ''Could’ve been/Should’ve been’’ for the rest of your life.

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Do not be afraid to be the braver one. Do not be afraid to show your love, to fight. However it ends, you will be the winner, You know why? Because you weren’t afraid! You fought in that war and you will know that you did everything that was in your power. That’s the point of life, that’s the point of relationships! If we all gave up because of fear, then what would be left? Sad and empty people with no one else to blame but themselves.

Now go, tell him or her how much you are happy that they exist. Tell them how loved they are. Be a human! Be brave and be a warrior!

One last message: