To be honest I've always loved elder men. My friends and family think it's crazy and ridiculous, but I can't help it. So please before you start to judge me, read this article.

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1. He’ll make you feel young
However many candles are on your birthday cake, the older man will always think of you as being youthful.
2. Older guys have more to talk about
Those extra few years of life experience make all the difference during potentially awkward first dates.
3. He has his own place
You’re definitely less likely to find an older man who’s still shacking up with his parents or his mates. If you appreciate time alone, an older guy could be a great option.

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4. He’s not going to change
A younger man may change as time goes by and you could grow apart, but if the older man you’ve met has a lust for life despite his age then time certainly isn’t slowing him down.
5. He knows where he’s going in life
An older man has direction, unlike his younger counterparts who may flit from one career to another – or worse still, flit from being gainfully employed to asking to borrow money.

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6. Less jealousy
Forget about dating insecure guys who are worried you’re going to leave them for someone new. The older man is confident in himself and why you chose him.
7. Meeting the parents is easy with an older man
He’ll have plenty in common with them – perhaps too much. Beat a hasty retreat if they start reminiscing about how much cheaper things were back in the day.
8. He’s well-mannered
Old school manners to go with an old school kinda guy. If you’re interested in finding someone who’ll hold the door open for you or pull your chair out, the older gentleman could be the one for you!

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9. Men get more attractive as they age
Okay, so hair loss and beer-bellies aside, people often say that men are like good wine – getting better with age. Not only that, but many older men are ready to settle down. If you’re looking for something serious, an older guy really is an attractive choice.
10. Regular partying not really your thing?
Chances are the older man won’t be banging on about his drunken nights out and the sordid activities of all his friends.
11. An older man will expect you to have lived
This isn’t a requirement for you to have scaled Everest or solved Fermat’s Last Theorem. It means instead that he won’t balk if you’ve been through some tough times. He probably has too.

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12. He’s experienced in the bedroom
Time, practice and knowledge all make for a sexual experience – he’s had time to perfect his techniques!
13. He’s well-read
Okay, it’s a smallish point. But when it comes to a little down-time, the older man has had a lifetime worth of great movies, books and music to listen to. Maybe he can introduce you to something you’ve never heard of before!

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