This article is for HeyMyNameIsYasmine’s #WHITheFuture ‘mentorship’. I wanted to explain a bit about me why and how I started WHI, plus the reasons why I think I deserve one of the spots to be mentored.

Creativity & Plan

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Whenever I post an article or an image of some sort, the majority of the time I will plan it out. I use Notes on my phone a lot to help me organize what I want to say in the article and important things that I want to mention. All of my ideas are generated by my creativity; everything I post is something that I think is pretty and something that others will enjoy seeing/reading. Even if it’s simply an article about how to be a better person, if someone wrote that and put good tips in there I would love to read it and hopefully benefit from it, and that’s what I want to do here; I want to share my creativity and benefit from others as well.

Research and Activity

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Along with my creativity and planning if there is a topic that I don’t really know too much about but still want to share about with others I will do my research and summarize what I have researched and include that in the article so that instead of me just writing my opinion I want there to be solid facts that are real and not just sdvice.

I’m pretty active, now . . . I won’t lie, I’m not on WHI 24/7, we all have lives outside of the internet: all of us. But on some days, that’s all I’ll do, for the majority of the day the only app I use is WeHeartIt. Whether I’m re-hearting images or just looking to be inspired I know that WHI never fails to at least make me happy on a bad day.

Passion for Fashion

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When I started using WHI, which was about two months ago, I began realizing that here everyone has tremendous fashion game, and I love it! I love making articles about fashion and just looking at some pictures of a cute skirt, that I probably won’t buy, but still looks gorgeous. I even have a quote that I found here up in my room next to my closet: “Dress as if you are going to meet your worst enemy today” –Coco Chanel. That quote really gives me a boost of self-confidence, because by knowing that if today I dress well that I will be in a good mood and that I should try to make it a better day for others as well.

How & Why I started

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Honestly it was a huge coincidence why I started using WHI. Once again about two months ago I was at my little cousin’s house and I was on my phone about to download Pinterest and it was done, Pinterest was downloaded and everything. I started using the app for the first time and got started, but then my little cousin asks to use my phone while I play with her younger sister, I tell her to be careful so that she doesn’t do something that I don’t want her to, but that’s kind of what happened. I asked for my phone back and look on the screen to see that an app called WeHeartIt is “ready for download” I cancel it but still check the description of the app, that’s when I realized that this app is similar to Pinterest and is another form on social media –which was the reason why I wanted Pinterest in the first place– So long-story-short, I decide to download WHI and here I am! Two months later with about 200 followers hoping to be inspired and hopefully gain some recognition so I can help inspire others.

~ A b b ℰ Y