Great Love is a concept which has been created to make us believe in the magic of love. It's like Santa Claus or the little mouse who picks up our teeth. It doesn't exist. All our childhood and even our teenage years, we believe in those things and come the day that we learn it was just a lie. A lie to make our lives better. But don't we say "I prefer to be sad by knowing the truth than to be happy by knowing a lie." So it's true that maybe we've been lied to protect us but when we learn the truth, we feel bad and disappointed.

Some people believe in this great love but personally, I'm not part of them. Of course, I would love to live a strong and passionate relationship but it's like love at first sight. I don't believe we can fall in love with just one look. We are just attracted to the person. To fall in love, you need to touch the person, talk to him/her, discover his/her way of thinking, learn to know him/her... So when people say they had love at first sight they just thought this person was beautiful, gorgeous or sexy but they haven't fallen in love.

"Love at first sight doesn't last long because after, either we fall in love with the person, or we forget about her/him."


It was my first article so I'm sorry if it's bad. Also, I'm french so I'm sorry for the fault I could have made.