Why do I ship vseul? When did I start shipping them? You're probably wondering why I'm posting vseul edits of mine.

To answer that question, I was actually planning to publish another story of mine in Wattpad back in February 2016. The title of the story I planned to publish was 'Falling for You' and I was having a difficult time finding for the right people who would best represent the characters in my story.

How? ― that was the question to myself before.

I wasn't familiar with the kpop world back then, that's why I took 3 weeks surfing the internet, trying to search different kpop idols in google I didn't even know.

Not until I discovered red velvet. I got mesmerized by their beauty, especially to Seulgi's.

Because of that, I chose her to be the protagonist. I chose her not only because of her mesmerizing beauty, but also of her aura that best represents the character in my story─ebullient, childish yet competitive.

I started adoring Red Velvet. However, I wasn't really a fan of them. And so sad to know that I didn't even listen to their songs.

The problem wasn't yet solved. I had to find someone who would best represent the male character in the story. I also had to find someone who is good-looking and would be the best leading man of Seulgi.

I searched BTS, and Taehyung caught my eyes. His aura in the picture I found was intense yet cute which suits the character in the story. I decided to save that picture then I stared at it. Stared at Seulgi, and stared at him again.

They look good together. ― That was the first thing i observed.

This is the most interesting fact─some people were already shipping them and i didn't know it!

Here's what actually happened:

When I noticed that they actually look good together, I typed 'Taehyung and Seulgi' in google and guess what?

There were edits. Artistic and appealing vseul edits.

Because of that, I finalized the cast in the story─Taehyung and Seulgi.

When it was my first time seeing Seulgi, I fell inlove with her.

When it was my first time seeing Taehyung, I fell inlove with him.

When it was my first time seeing seulgi and taehyung together even in just the picture I had found, I fell inlove with them.

It was like love at first sight. Hence, I decided to make some edits of my own because I REALLY LOVE VSEUL to the point that I am this willing to share my thoughts about them here in We Heart It. I am this willing to share my thoughts about them because I AM FOND OF THEM, and I want others to discover vseul too and love this ship as well.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING THIS! I hope some of you will love vseul too. Have a good day/night. :)