Makkah & Madinah

  • Perform my very first umrah
  • Kiss the Hajarul Aswad
  • Make dua in front of Kaabah
  • Ziarah and khatam Quran in Madinah
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  • Take a scenic train ride (Glacier Express or Bernina Express)
  • Take a hike to catch the sunrise
  • Go snowboarding or skiing the immaculate slopes of St. Moritz
  • Retreat to a quaint village
  • Breathe in the chilly air
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  • Marvel at the wonder of the enchanting Aurora Borealis
  • Take a photo of the waterfalls in South Iceland
  • See the ice glaciers in Jökulsárlón
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  • Ride RTV around the sand dune
  • Sip Moroccan tea while enjoying sunset at the desert
  • Stargazing under the night sky in Sahara
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  • Cycling around the picturesque town
  • Hop on a canal cruise
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  • Take a picture of Big Ben
  • Chase a bus down the street in the rain
  • Walk around Oxford University
  • Ice skate at the Winter Wonderland ice rink
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