Hii, today I wanted to share y'all how I lost some weight. How I lost weight without becoming a fitgirl, or something.

1. Drink lots of water!

Image by Nadya Martins

This is SO important. Drinking water makes you loose weight easier than just working out everyday. I drink water every morning after breakfast, on school & before sleeping. It helped me so much & It also helps getting clear skin!!

Eat not only healthier, eat less.

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Before you start saying, skipping meals isn't good for you, that's totally not what I mean. Since I started drinking water A LOT, I just didn't have food craves anymore. & Every day I eat fruit on school instead of cookies or something. I still eat normal, just a little less cookies and snacks. (doesn't mean I don't eat them, bc I wouldn't survive my life without my cookies.) I only eat three meals on a day and fruit as a snack between the meals, and I PROMISE you, you won't feel hungry, since you get used to eating less. If you eat a lot you'll feel hungry all the time.

Walk every day

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The last tip, walk every day for like half a hour! I promise you, you'll feel better. Even though walking isn't a sport that helps you loose weight fast, it does help you with feeling better and more healthier. And after some time you'll notice it helps losing weight more than doing nothing.