is it too early? probably. but if you're like me, then you're way too excited for the upcoming holiday season. so why not start early? so here's what i'm asking for this year for christmas. ho ho ho my friends.

❅ mock/turtle neck sweaters

❅ shoes

↳ white slip-on vans
↳ black high-top converse
↳ black vans
↳ adidas all-white superstars
↳ brown cocoa birkenstocks

❅ black leggings

❅ black jansport backpack

❅ candles

❅ dainty necklaces

❅ iphone 8 plus in silver or gold

❅ books

↳ this is where it ends
↳ alex, approximately
↳ what light
↳ the cellar
↳ eleanor & park
↳ diary of an oxygen thief
↳ the sun is also a star

❅ headphones

❅ fm transmitter (for my car)

❅ chokers

❅ fuzzy socks

❅ vinyls

↳ free 6lack - 6lack
↳ stoney - post malone
↳ digital druglord - blackbear

❅ amazon gift cards

❅ starbucks gift cards

❅ SD cards

❅ diamond stud earrings

if you think that i'm going to get every thing on this list, you are incorrect. this is just a list of things that i want and i don't expect to get any of them. i wanted to put this list out because i know a lot of people like seeing what other people are asking for so they can get some ideas of their own to put on their list.

okay, thank you.