Dear best friend 😇
We talk every day🤝🏻 ,I see you every day🙉 and we text every day📱 .I am glad I now u ... You now my secrets 🙊 my fears 😅you now everything ❤. Its like you can guess my mood 😉and make me feel better. Girl let me tell you something🙉BITCH DO YOU DO MAGIC TRICKS!!! How to you come every day to school slaying ? How do you eat and not get FAT ? Are u a blessing 🙏🏻??! Well if you are tell god that I am thankful !<3 You helped me make new friends ,enemys and even a new best friend 😌😉but you need to now , wherever you go ,wherever l go ,bitch I am going to call you ,text you and even treat your ass like a lady !!!!💋💋💋💋💋at the end I wanna say I love u🙃😘cuz there are no words to explain how much I love u!!!!!!!!