hello everyone! so, i decided to make kind of challenge :) i was a little bored, so why not? I've also seen these types of articles recently and I wanted to try

I took the points from the internet of other "song challenges". (but i also write some of them)

I hope you like it and can listen to some of the songs that I put here, if they had not done it before :)

let's begin then...

1. First song you heard from a girl group (or soloist)

girls generation, the boys, and korean image

2. A song currently stuck in your head

gif, girl group, and kpop image
WEKI MEKI - I don't like your girlfriend

3. A song that brings out your crazy side.

elkie, chong ting yan, and clc elkie image
CLC - Hobgoblin

4. A song with a sexy video

gif, hyuna, and roll deep image
HyunA - Roll Deep

5. Song you think it has a cute coreography

asian, gif, and kpop image
GUGUDAN - A girl like me


gif, kpop, and twice image
TWICE - Likey

6. A song that you didn't like very much the first time you heard it, but now it's part of your playlist

ice cream cake, red velvet, and yeri image
RED VELVET - Ice cream cake

7. The first random song that comes to you.

gif, kpop, and indie image

8. A song that makes you cry

gif and iu image
IU - Ending Scene

9. A song that reminds you of summer

debut, gif, and kpop image
CHUNGHA - Why don't you know

10. A song wich coreography you learn easily.

aesthetic, dance, and edit image
PRISTIN - We like

11. A song with a hard coreography

dance, gfriend, and gif image
GFRIEND - Me gustas tú

13. Song with an easy coreography

gif, twice, and tt image

14. A song you’re currently obsessed with

gif, momo, and twice image
TWICE - Look at me

15. A song that will get you on the dance floor.

gif, sunmi, and gashina image
SUNMI - Gashina

16. If you were to release an album, this song would be on it.

gif, windy day, and seunghee image
OH MY GIRL - Windy day

17. A song that makes you think of the color red.

gif, kpop, and blackpink image

18. A song you know all the lyrics to.

min, jia, and only you image
MISS A - Only you

19. A song that gets you motivated.

aesthetics, yes i am, and mamamoo image
MAMAMOO - Yes I am

20. A song that reminds you of your best friend

gif, taeyon, and i image

21. A song with a number in it.

amber, korean, and chinese image
f(x) - 4 walls

22. A song with great vocal harmonies.

gif, solar, and mamamoo image
MAMAMOO - I miss you

23. A song people wouldn't think you'd like, but you do

catallena, kpop pastel, and gif image

24. A song you would ask a DJ to play at a party.

t-ara sugar free gif image
T-ARA - Sugar Free

25. A song that reminds you of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

2ne1, CL, and dara image
2ne1 - Happy

26. A song that blew your mind when you first heard it.

dance, korean, and women image
4MINUTE - Hate

27. A song you like thats very girl power

gif, le, and hani image

28. A song that makes you think of Autumn

gif, closer, and oh my girl image

29. Your favorite rap song

jessi, kfashion, and kpop image
Jessi - ssenunni

30. If they made a film about my life, this would be the end credits song.

gif, ioi, and kpop girl image
Sejeon (GUGUDAN) - Flower way