im late sooorrryyy. but i added extra questions and words last month just in case i was late this month. i had an eye sugery done on halloween night so i've been taking an easy. message me if you want me to continue these. annnyywwaaayyy let's get started shall we?

~how have you changed in the past year?

~write about someone who inspires you.

~list ten songs you're loving right now and why.

~write about your favorite season and why.

~write about five movies you'll never forget about and why.

~write 30 facts about yourself.

~write about your highs and lows of october.

~write your favorite quote and why it's your favorite.

~write a note to your past self.

~write about your favorite books and why.

~write a list of what turns you on and what turns you off and why.

~write about your favorite place to do your favorite hobby. (for example, one of my favorite hobbies is writing. I like writing in my bed because...)

~write about your favorite fictional characters and why.

~write about your most prized possession and why.

~write about your current relationship. (if you're in a relationship write about that. if you're not, then write about someone you may like or how being single and ready to mingle feels like.)

~write about what you think your life will be like in seven years and why.

~write about four weird traits you have.

~write about what's currently on your Christmas list. (if you don't celebrate Christmas you can write about the holiday you celebrate.

~write about your entire day

~write about five fears you have in why.

~write about if you would be able to live without social media and why.

~write about your favorite meme at the moment. (ya, gotta love memes)

~write about your favorite subject to study and why.

W O R D S (these are a list of words that hopefully inspire you to write. it's simple really. say the word and the first thought that pops in your head is what you write about.

~drive in movie