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Artists and interior designers have long believed that color can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions.

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The color yellow can be bright and intense, which is perhaps why it can often invoke such strong feelings. Yellow can quickly grab attention, but it can also be abrasive when overused. It can appear warm and bright, yet it can also lead to visual fatigue.

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Learn more about some of the emotions and moods that the color yellow creates.

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  • Yellow is a bright that is often described as cheery and warm.
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  • Yellow is also the most fatiguing to the eye due to the high amount of light that is reflected. Using yellow as a background on paper or computer monitors can lead to eyestrain or vision loss in extreme cases.
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  • Yellow can also create feelings of frustration and anger. While it is considered a cheerful color, people are more likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms and babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms.
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  • Yellow can also increase the metabolism.
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  • Since yellow is the most visible color, it is also the most attention-getting color. Yellow can be used in small amount to draw notice, such as on traffic sign or advertisements.
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Famous Words

"How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun." -Vincent Van Gogh

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