These are purely based on what is trendy where I live, but I'm sure some of them are the same in other countries.

Wide leg trousers and tapered trousers

  • There are a lot of different types of trousers that seem to be fashionable now
  • I think the best styles are black, pink, beige and striped
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Puffer jackets

  • These are being worn a lot now that it's autumn
  • Some of them are so big and that's good for warmth, but they just seem like they'd get annoying
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Faux fur coats

  • Faux fur is in right now - probably because people can't afford real fur and a lot of clothing brands are not using real fur anymore
  • They look so warm and soft I need one
  • Black fur coat and knee high boots? My goals
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Cropped hoodies

  • I prefer hoodies to be full size - does it really make sense to crop them?
  • But still, these do look nice
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  • Literally everyone has one of these
  • Nike, Puma and Adidas windbreakers are probably the most popular
  • I love how many colour combinations there are
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