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Hey guys! Since my last article got so much love, I've decided to make another one! I hope you like my tips / tricks on how to stop procrastinating!

▫︎ Pick a "Study corner"!

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Pick any place where you know you'll study your hardest! Make sure it's comfy and quiet!

▫︎ Mange your time wisely!

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Make a schedule or keep a notebook filled with all the things you want to accomplish that day!

▫︎ Set all distractions aside!

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This includes your phone, pets,anything you know you'll get distracted by!

▫︎ Stay organized!

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Organize your backpacks and keep your study corner looking nice and tidy!

▫︎ Take occasional breaks!

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Because you deserve it!


thats all I have for today I hope these tricks help! Check out my last Artical

Love, Articsunrise♥