This article is dedicated to WE HEART IT,this whole lovely world.

I discovered WE HEART IT in 2014.I remember that I was looking for fashion photos and I saw a cute picture,I entered of its site and there were another beautiful pictures like this photo.I was attracted to this multitude of sweet,beautiful photos.There were pictures with everything you wanted:fashion,animals,art,landscapes and others.Because of this I decided to make an account.I made my profile and some collections.I liked this site and its application more and more and I started to enter on WE HEART IT everyday.

For me We Heart It is like another world where I can be myself.It's haw I see the world,what I am,feel,like,love,my opinions,thoughts,everythig expressed through images,articles.

WHAT I LIKE is that you can make collections,you can write articles and react to other articles,you can post images and videos.
When I made my account,there weren't articles.This thing was something unexpected and amazing.We Heart It can be unpredictable.I think in future We Heart It will be more amazing and more popular with more interesting things.I can't wailt !

WE HEART IT is the most beautiful thing in this world.Now,I can't live without We Heart It,it's one of the best thing from my life.I recommend WHI to all people. Thanks We Heart It for all amazing world,for everything.


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