I hate when someone compare your intelligence to your marks at school. Or when someone thinks that you are not smart enough (especially profs.) just because you are not an excellent student, you don't know everything and you don't rise your hand every time they ask a question.

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I mean.. I really think that nearly everything they are teaching us is pretty useless.

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I think that you can only see how smart you are by loving yourself and the world around you. I want to say... If you love yourself enough to understand yourself, you are pretty intelligent. Because you ARE awesome and you ARE the star that is shining in the darkness. And yes, THAT star is shining for you to see your place in the world.

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Just remember that you are freaking awesome and tell it to yourself everyday. Than, you'll be smarter than everyone else. Because that is the only one thing that matters.

Thank you for reading this my Little star :)

- your Little star