No one can take the pain away from my heart I feel. ~ Andjeli. R

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So many time it felt for me that it was your purpose to hurt me. And yes you did it to me. Why you want hurt me so much that I wanna be dead?

The first time I meet and saw you I thought you were the one I can finally trust and who will not hurt me, but I had it wrong. You were gone, away from my life suddenly. The only thing you were was still in my brain. You had betrayed me and left my when I needed you the most. You haven`t only hurt my heart but too my soul and body.

I missed and hoped so many days that you would come back to apologize. I remember the days we where the same and together. Are we going to experience those days again? I would to do anything again. I wanna live my life again.

You never came back to apologize so therefore I do it now. Sorry for what I've done, even I can`t remind of what I've done wrong. But now it's too late, for everything.

- Andjeli

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