Turing my school time I found a lot of quiet helpful tips that I want to share with you. Some advice that hopefully helps you to be more productive. Let me know what you're best study tip is!

Set a timer

I am pretty sure most of you know that struggle that we just can't motivate ourselves. My tip is to set a timer and say 'in the next 25 minutes I'm going to work on my math homework'. After that you can have a little break or if you feel motivated, just set the timer again.

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Adjust the time depending on what you need to do.

Write a daily to-do list

Sometimes we have so much to do, we just don't know where to start. Pick every evening some to-do's to do the next day. Remember to stay realistic!

Write a to-do list per project

If you don't get along with daily to-do lists, try out project orientated to-do lists. That means you write down your project (e.g. english-presentation) and the all the things you need to do to finish the project (e.g. find the theme, write the text etc.). This way you always know what you still need to do and you won't forget anything.
If you want to incorporate the previous tip, then write 2-3 to-dos from your project list onto your daily to-do list.

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Work first

Soooo many times I still sat at my desk at 11 PM, mainly because I completely underestimated the time. I came home from school, browsed through social media and before I even realised it, it was already night.
To not let that happen, I would advise you to study directly after you came home after school. That way you can complete your to-do list without working overtime.

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Have fun

It is much easier to remember things you had fun learning. So try to make studying as enjoyable as possible. Maybe a topic really caches your attention and you get interested. Do some research and gain extra knowledge and remember...

Knowledge is power.

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x Nicca