Hello everyone! So this is my favorite article and i'm really excited. I'm going to tell you 50 facts about me. Hope you enjoy :)

  • I'm very short
  • My favourite type of food is chinese
  • My all time favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries
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  • My number 1 place i want to travel to is Iceland
  • I hate math
  • I'm a cat girl
  • My favorite colors are black and white (basic ik)
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  • My favorite type of movie is horror
  • I can speak Portuguese and English fluently
  • My favorite chocolate is Kit Kat
  • I laugh a lot, like al the time
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  • I love almost all genres of music, besides country and death metal
  • I watch A LOT of youtube
  • My birthday in in the 10th of July
  • I'm a cancer
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  • My favourite fruits are bananas, strawberries, peaches and apples
  • I've had judo classes and dance classes (ballet and contemporary dance)
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  • I am a junior in high school
  • I love nature but i want to live in a big city
  • My biggest passion is traveling
colors, highschool, and history image nature, autumn, and mountains image city, new york, and building image sky, clouds, and travel image
  • I love photography
  • My hobbies are singing, reading, writing and listening to music
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  • Some of my favorite bands are Nirvana, Scorpions, Imagine Dragons and Queen
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  • My favorite author is Dan Brown
  • Favorite seasons are summer and fall
  • I'm generally shy but very extroverted around people i'm comfortable with
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  • I'm really interested in astronomy, astrology and spiritual things
  • I love makeup
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  • I would love to learn Latin
  • I have an older sister
  • I hate crying and showing my feeling in front of people
  • I care way too much about people
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  • I love being alone
  • I love cloudy days
  • I love having deep talks
  • My mom is my best friend
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  • I dislike cheese very much
  • Christmas and Halloween are my favorite holidays
  • I cuss a lot
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  • Mc'donalds is my favorite fast food place
  • I can play the piano
  • I LOVE animals
  • London is one of my favorite places in the world
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  • I would like to be a psychologist
  • I try to make the best out of every situation
  • I love going outside at night and looking at the stars
  • I'm very sarcastic
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  • I love watching soccer although i don't understand shit about the rules
  • I'm a professional procrastinator
  • I'm not religious
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