Hello hearters! I am officially starting a new series called "All About...", which is about a topic that I am interested in, and then I explain about it. Hope you enjoy!

Sia is a music marvel! No, I'm not kidding because she really is! Sia has faced a few challenges that have changed her life drastically. She used to be a major alcoholic back when she first started her career. Then after a while, as she has told many people, she sobered up and decided not to be a musician anymore. After a period of time throughout thinking, she decided to revisit the music world and start writing songs again. Sia also started to wear the famous over-sized wig with the bow, which people probably questioned. The wig Sia wears, and yes she does still wear it, is for publicity and privacy reasons. She doesn't want or like a ton of recognition when she is out trying to enjoy herself. Like she told Ellen, once Sia was at Target (without the wig) buying a hose or something, and one of her songs was playing. Nobody in the store recognized her or that it was her song. I personally find this fascinating, though. Sia feels she doesn't want fame interfering with her career. She also told James Cordon that obviously she doesn't wear the wig everywhere, but she just wears it when she is at an event or when she preforms on stage. Here's a fun fact: when Sia first starting hiding her face, she would preform on stage with her back to the audience. Interesting, isn't it?

I absolutely adore Sia, and everything about her! From her vocals, to her songs, to her personality! She is AMAZING!!!! Love you, Sia!!!