1. I’m obsessed with 80’s Movies
Yes, I am. From The Breakfast Club to Ghostbusters... I’ve seen a lot of them and I fell in love with the 80’s.

2. I have never dated anyone
Okay, so let’s talk about this. I’m a junior in high school right now and I just embarrassed myself today in front of this guy. I kind of had a crush on him and a crush on guys that listen to Rock n’ roll and you know, the smart, bad boy type. I decided to ask him if he knows someone that could teach how to play drums and it was the most AWKWARD THING EVER!!! I’m always the most awkward person you’re ever going to see around guys.... and oh, I’m very serious about relationships. I’ve rejected a lot of guys (unfortunately) because I felt like it was not the right thing to date someone just because you feel lonely; it is not fair at all. So yeah, I’m probably gonna date someone when I turn 30 or something like that. P.S: I can be very awkward around guys when I have expectations towards them but I’m very chill when I believe the guy doesn’t like me. That’s the reason why I’ve had guy friends in the past that liked me, even though I was somewhat weird, I was casual and myself around them and I think that’s why most of them confessed to me. I honestly think guys like when you don’t care and have no expectations. I remember that there was a time where I did not want to date anyone ( FOR REAL) and for some reason every single guy at my school wanted ME. Honestly, people like what they can’t have.

3. I HATE texting
I am being completely honest, I rather talk to someone on the phone than text them. I’m a horrible “texter”. I like FaceTiming people or even just calling them on the phone. However, I can’t reply your text message in 5 seconds... I am an extremely slow typer. One of my friends texted me on Monday, I think, and I just replayed them with a: “hi” and then I forgot about it. Now it’s almost Saturday and I haven’t replied them properly because I am just too lazy to do so. Please bare with me, okay? I’m not that very modern. Let’s just meet up and have a conversation at the park or the beautiful junk food restaurant called McDonald’s.

4. I Have Deep Conversations With Myself
It’s funny because I don’t talk a lot with strangers (hi introverts, how are you ALL doing?) but I get home, and have the most crazy conversations with myself. They are not thoughts, but REAL words that came out of my mouth and are directed to myself. I don’t answer my questions most of the time, but I do talk to myself like someone else was there. I usually pretend that I am talking to a friend that I know, and I say everything that goes through my mind. It is LIBERATING. No, I don’t have imaginary friends or see different creatures. I just like talking to myself, alright? Sometimes I forget that no one else is there, and when I realize, I’m talking so loud that anyone home can hear me. I feel like they probably think I’m talking to a real person.

5. I always, ALWAYS, sleep with the fan on
It started in the Summer, but now is almost Winter in the U.S (hey, by the way, I’m from Brazil but I’m living here okay, please don’t kick me out) and I still, every night, turn on the fan. I don’t think I can feel comfortable sleeping without it. I fall asleep way faster when the fan is on.