Day 8. Make a list of your favorite destinations.

Hi, everyone ! Here's a list of places I've been to and where a bit of my soul stayed.

  • Paris, France
paris, louvre, and france image paris, travel, and france image Image by Daydreamer architecture, basilica, and montmartre image
How is this city even possible... I miss it so much! And I don't really like cities, so you can imagine how much I love it!
  • London, United Kingdom
building, city, and clock image autumn, fall, and city image london and red image Image by MaXoro
I found this place a bit magical...
  • Brittany, France
castle, france, and mont saint-michel image bretagne, france, and landscape image beautiful, france, and landscape image flowers and street image
The sea, the sea, the sea...
  • Prague, Czech Republic
beautiful, city, and europe image prague, city, and photography image prague and winter image clock, prague, and travel image
This city is soooooo beautiful... and the centre is really colourful!
  • Venice, Italy
Inspiring Image on We Heart It photography, travel, and tumblr image venice, beautiful, and italy image Image by Yessnia_hmara
So beautiful and alive!
  • Soukheme, Thies, Senegal
aesthetic, culture, and earth image dakar, travel, and pictures image boys, family, and human image senegal and lake retba image
I went there when I was studiing to be a kindergarten teacher to teach some days in a class from a village there... My spirit never entirely came back to Europe...
  • Disneyland Paris (obviously...)
disney, castle, and disneyland image beautiful, classic, and disney image @cinderella, @paris, and @princess image disneyland and space mountain image
So sorry but I HAD to put this... I just love this park so much...

Voilà ! J'espère que ce petit voyage vous a plu ! I hope you enjoyed this little trip!