I recently saw these articles about body-confidence, accepting yourself etc. and I came to the conclusion that I would add my own thoughts.

Firstly, accepting myself and other people are really important for me, and if I can, I want to convince more individuals to feel the same.

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Now, what is 'body'? Yeah, we own one but have you ever considered getting a new one? Of course, many of us have considered, including me. My hips are too wide, my thighs aren't as strait as the model's in the magazines. I know that feeling, when you look into the mirror and almost hate every inch of your flesh. Hey, did you know that everyone has fat on themselves? Did you know, that this doesn't even matter? Your body is yours, you rock it, you own it and it's unique. Just because you don't have a physique of a fitnes model you are totally awesome and loveable and full of yourself! You should NEVER let other people drag you down because of your body. You should NEVER EVER consider being too fat or too skinny. Yes, if you want, you can workout, do excercises, run, sport, Do it! But because of your fitness and mental health. Because you enjoy it and you always remember: You are perfect!
Now it's a trend to be masculine, to have six packs, abs and a nice butt. What is it good for? Of course, it's pretty and the most important is to feel confident and free but when I continously see these "motivating" pics about: "Do it for getting hotter!", "You are not busy, you're just lazy" they like thunderstruck me. Excuse me? Where I asked you to change my lifestyle or be my personal trainer? Where I asked you tell me what should I do in my spare time? Exactly, nowhere.
Also, have you heard this phrase?
"We own a soul, and we got a body to it."

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And you know what?
I frickin' love pizza and I will eat pizza 'til I die, because I enjoy it. I'll never be the type of girl who eats tons of salad and sweat a lake everyday. I'm just a casual girl who loves to eat and a bit lazy. And this is fine. If you want to eat, then hella eat that slice!

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The 2. step: Accepting others

Stop watching other people and their facilities! They are as unique as you are, and even the fittest model could have as low self-confidence as you.
Now you may think that I just "pulpiteer" about nothing because I previously mentioned that no fitness model should ever disparage you. No, darling NO ONE can disparage you, even plus-size people, even skinny people nor anyone! I respect every body type until they don't want to influence you and your self-image.
I'm also just learning to accept everyone around me and I can tell you, it's fantastic when the first thought of somebody is not their appearance.
You should try it, at least once and you'll become an even better person.

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My advices:

- Don't compare yourself to other people
- Don't emphasize their disadvantages and weaknesses
- Don't try to look like top models because you are honestly the best, just the way you are

I hope I didn't offend anyone, if I did so, I apologize it wasn't meant to be like that. It's just my opinion about confidence and accepting and I respect your aspects as well.

Have a nice day, and don't forget to feel awesome in your skin!