I celebrated my first anniversary with my boyfriend and I want to do something special, but I had no ideas!
Eventually this idea arrived at my head.
It was difficult at first because when I had to think about each little present I became crazy! D:
So I sat down in front of my computer and I started to search some ideas. No one convinced me and that's why I want to give some ideas for people who have no time, no money or have not the opportunity to do something too expensive.

First, we have to recycle one box, I used the one which came with one part of the present, then what I did, was think and think about all senses and all presents.

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Touch: My boyfriend told me about he wanted some clothes so I searched on Internet and on some of Amancio Ortega's (xd) shops and I bought some clothes (it depends on your budget)
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View: It's easy some photos! Don't think too much on this because you have to think for others! :D I look for some discount on 'cheerz' and I ordered some photos, If you don't have time or money you can to print some on your stationery.
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Taste: Ok, not complicated. I boght some of my boyfriend's favourites candies and that's all. I found a little box to keep all and not the usual bag and ñam!
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Smell: I think this was one of the most difficult for me! I was thinking too much! Finally this had arrived to my head and I think now it is one of my favourites. I bought a normal flower (plastic), I put it on a box (recycle) and then I put it a little bit of my favourite perfume.
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Hearing: That's the other difficult for me. Finally I decided to bought a little jar and I put some papers with songs that represented us. He'll love it!

And that's all!! Ok, I know it's not the easiest present but it's so special and so pretty!.
I can't love it more! And I think he will love it too much!

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Thanks for reading! Love u ♥